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owlschemes: beaubete: kitty–queen: oregonnukesailor: no-lo-lo: urulokid: thebibliosphere: gallusrostromegalus: jhaernyl: ceruleancynic: jumpingjacktrash: kaasknot: scottislate: darkbookworm13: sasstricbypass: chromolume: it’s all you americans talk about… liminal space this… cryptid that america is big, we got.,.,.,. its a lot happening here It’s at least … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about mynoise.net

magicwitchmoe: readysetgaikokujin: vaudevillellain: Have you ever been listening to Rainymood and thought, “Yeah, this is good … but it would be nice if I could customize the sound more, or if there was a little more choice. Let me introduce … Continue reading

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fallenforbands: hoffmango: cause-shes-bittersweet: smindersonfan: secretmindreader: Okay, this is actually what you do if you’re being sexually harassed in any kind of public space. Draw attention to it, preferably pull away and let EVERYONE know that someone is touching you. This … Continue reading

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tittycityy: yokomilan: samwiththagap: mistercopeland: marinadbarros: AYEEEE. 🔥🔥 THIS IS PERFECT Dope Source: marinadbarros

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