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Graphic Novel Review: Runaways (Pride and Joy 1 or Volume 1 issues 1-6)

This review is pretty incoherent and not structured as well as I would like. You’ve been warned. This is going to be a very lengthy, multi-part review of Marvel Comics’ Runaways and is going to contain a huge amount of … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Captain Marvel

I went and saw Captain Marvel last night. This is NOT a spoiler-free review! If you haven’t seen the movie, best to avoid this review until you’ve watched it yourself. The theater was sold out for the showing before the … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Comic Books

portraitoftheoddity: If you follow me, odds are you have either some peripheral interest in comics, or in the media adapted from them, cause that’s about 90% of my blog. And comics are a pretty remarkable medium; they’re part of a … Continue reading

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tittycityy: yokomilan: samwiththagap: mistercopeland: marinadbarros: AYEEEE. 🔥🔥 THIS IS PERFECT Dope Source: marinadbarros

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why-i-love-comics: Ms. Marvel #31 (2018) written by G. Willow Wilson, Saladin Ahmed, Rainbow Rowell, & Hasan Minhajart by Nico Leon, Gustavo Duarte, Bob Quinn, Elmo Bondoc, & Ian Herring Source: why-i-love-comics

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vintagegeekculture: There’s only one phrase to describe Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld: ahead of its’ time. Created in 1983, it seemed to perfectly herald and anticipate where geek culture would be in the decade of the 2010s, for good or ill.  … Continue reading

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One of the big motivations for me reading Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Volume 1 last weekend was because I found Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Volume 2 at my local bookstore late last week and wanted to see how the story progressed. “Kyle … Continue reading

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Vulture’s 100 Most Influential Pages That Shaped Comics is Missing One Important Page

dcwomenkickingass: Lists! Comics! How can there not be an argument, right? Today Vulture published a list of the 100 pages that transformed comics. It’s a good list and it was put together by a team that include people I know … Continue reading

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