Her first menu.

Fuck man I’ve literally never even thought about this (which sounds so stupid when I type it out but that ‘s the insidiousness of abelism isn’t it? If we aren’t he ones affected we don’t think about it) but that’s ridiculous. Getting a brail menu made up can’t be that difficult. (And if it is, it shouldn’t be.) The big chain restaurants, certainly, have no excuse for not doing this. They can afford to put in that effort, can afford those extra printing costs without question. And they should be doing it, without question. But they won’t unless we say something.

So how about the next time you go into a restaurant, you ask them if they have a brail menu. Tell them you’re “checking for a friend” or whatever, I don’t care. Just ask them. Start making posts and tweets. Heck, tweet at the restaurants if they’ve got twitter accounts. If enough people ask, if enough pressure gets placed, they’ll see there’s a demand. They’ll see there’s a need, an obligation to provide a basic fucking menu that everyone can access. And maybe they’ll take steps to meet it. We can hope right?

Because the fact that this isn’t already standard practice is fucking appalling.

to be honest Ive never thought of this too so I’m reblogging to spread it out there!!

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