me a year ago when “queer is a slur” discourse started going around: “oh well I guess I can understand why that could hurt maybe some people of older generations who were called queer as an insult guess I’ll just tag it”

me after seeing how “queer is a slur” discourse is just being used by terfs and exclusionists to push ace, bi, trans, and anyone who doesn’t fit into the narrow “lgbt” label from the community: “Queer community, queer rights, queer identities, I’m QUEER, respect our history and fuck you.”

#the older generation started the Take Back the Word Queer movement#and the point was to take the power AWAY from the word#meaning anyone could use it not just queer people#because by embracing the term we were transforming it#and taking all the power away from people who tried to use it as a slur#never believe that the older generation have problems with the word queer#we wanted it to be a word of positive power#we wanted the bullies to feel powerless because we refused to be hurt by that word

(via @aphony-cree)

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