me externally: lit teachers arent pulling text analysis out of their asses

me internally: the reason people and especially students like to blame English for seemingly making up meanings where they cant see it is because literature is an art and art is widely regarded as ‘easy’, ‘anyone can do that’, ‘its stupid and useless’ unlike math and science which are widely regarded as difficult but important subjects so while students will readily admit that they have trouble with math or science they’re more likely to shift the blame when they dont understand a more artistic subject, seeing it as a sign of weakness that they dont get something thats supposed to be dumb and easy rather than seeing it as an important topic that’s just as crucial to their knowledge as any stem subject and just as difficult and in-depth as any math or science can be 

also a good proportion of high school + middle school lit/english teachers are absolutely terrible at teaching the tools for text analysis and just default to didactically telling students one single interpretation of a given text instead of helping them learn how to create (and defend) their own meanings in response, which a lot of people understandably have negative reactions to 

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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