“A clever plan..because if Harry here and his friend Ron hadn’t discovered this book, why–Ginny Weasley might have taken all the blame. No one would ever have been able to prove she hadn’t acted of her own free will…and imagine…what might have happened then…The Weasleys are one of our most prominent pure-blood families. Imagine the effect on Arthur Weasley and his Muggle Protection Act, if his own daughter was discovered attacking and killing Muggle-borns…”

It brings me SO MUCH joy that the plot of Chamber of Secrets basically happens because Lucius is terrified out of his mind of Arthur and Molly Weasley and their SEVeN kids who were all raised to hold the line in case anyone tried to start a genocidal regime again. They are so powerful and so dangerous to any attempted rise to power from the Death Eaters, and Lucius feels the need to try and marginalize and demonize them in order to decrease the threat they pose.

And boy was he right to be concerned, they are…unstoppable. Each and every one of them. You thought it was impressive that it took five Death Eaters to kill their uncles? Try having a couple Weasleys illegally on the airwaves, one destroying Voldemort’s Horcruxes, one protesting at Hogwarts, one running loose in the government, one housing escaped prisoners, and one getting foreign support!! More children than they can afford? Try more children than you can effectively stop!!

And then when they ALL show up to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts? What a trip for Lucius Malfoy! Hey bigots! Would you like to pick an opponent based on which Quidditch position they excel at, or do you wanna roll the dice and go with one of the brothers who got 12 OWLs? Those are your only two options because Weasleys are EVERYWHERE and the weak link is NO ONE. The fear that must have been in his heart when one or two of them was around every corner of the school taking down his DE pals…is so amazing to think about. Glorious. Iconic. Every Weasley has red hair, freckles, and a drive to destroy the concept of blood purity at all cost!!

The Weasleys are not always nice or right, but they are GOOD and they believe in standing up for what is good, and when evil is around they SHOW UP to fight it. No questions asked. And evil is so scared of them, so worried about what they can do, that it resorts to desperately weaponizing a little girl to try and stop them.


And when people think that George and Fred are unable to work without each other? No, its just double the power. They were seven when they attempted a successful Unbreakable Vow. They were only halfway through their schooling when they started inventing and producing magical products, starting their own shop in the school bathrooms. They left behind a swamp in Hogwarts. They had respect from Peeves. Silent casting? Both could do it. They made joke products defensive and so useful the Ministry bought from them.

Its not that they don’t work well as individuals, because they were both powerful in their own ways. It was that they worked so well with each other and the rest of their family, that we can’t imagine them without the other.

Look at their school days. Who would you pick?

The one that played both Chaser and Seeker? The one who played Keeper? The Beaters? The Seeker and the Quidditch Captain? The two Head Boys?

The Weasleys were amazing.

You want to fight the girl who was possessed by Voldemort at 11 and survived? The one who openly defied the Death Eaters inside Hogwarts?

The one who sacrificed himself, not knowing the consequences, for a boy he barely knew for a year? The one who never stopped trying to find his friends, even when he was nearly captured? 

The one who threw snowballs at Voldemort? The one who operated an illegal radio show? 

The one who you could count on to keep a smile on his face even after having his ear blasted off? The one who said that Ministry casted shield charms weren’t good enough? 

The one who got top grades in his 12 OWLS and didn’t hold that over his siblings heads? The one who worked hard for his dream and yet gave it up when it turned against his family? 

The one who could have had a professional Quidditch position but gave it up to work with dragons? The one who got them foreign support? 

The one who was mauled by a werewolf and survived? The one who worked with goblins and breaks curses as a job? 

The one who killed Bellatrix with silent casting? The one who would kill for her family?

The one who found loopholes around the law just to continue his hobby? The one who confronted the Ministry about it’s Muggle born laws?

Take your pick.

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