3 months of my life compressed into 3 minutes




You mean to tell me you actually made the armor you shitpost in?! You actually built that?!

I see posts here and there and always thought it was a suit that it was bought.

But you actually made it?!?

There’s no more dragons or monsters to slay so most knights have been demoted to full time shitposters

i feel this

attn: @petermorwood, something to watch while your morning tea steeps perhaps?

Besides admiring the skill involved, this video is (Writer Note) a useful demonstration of plate armour made using hand tools, for if / when you’re writing about it.

Waterwheel-driven hammers and apprentice-driven bellows are period-correct, but too many armour-making videos and TV clips go straight to electrical power-tools without mentioning, never mind demonstrating, what they replaced.

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