if thanos wanted to kill off half of the population because there weren’t enough resources……..but then snapped half of the vegetation and animals (according to the russos)……..then isn’t he back at square one……………and there aren’t enough resources for the population……………

what about……..all of the empty and abandoned planets……..he couldn’t have restributed populations there? or like………..what about endangered species they’re pretty much gone now thanks to T Hanos…………..he really didn’t think this through………….

this is deadass what part 4 is gonna be. like he’s gonna realize “huh…. maybe this wasn’t a good idea” and reverse time.

Or he literally could have just doubled the resources

Maybe I’m wrong but all he would need is the Space Stone to teleport and  redistribute resources + life. But I guess killing half of all life made more sense.

Or he could’ve just created more planets and teleported the halfs but a bitch is too dumb

He can throw a moon for a fight but teleporting some resources is too much work?

He can change reality but he uses it to fake his death and do a power point presentation?

He has the time stone, in which he could literally go back in time and save his home planet ….not by killing half of them …but by using these new powers?

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