my favorite thing about “fbi/nsa agent monitoring my computer” things is it implies that there is at least one agent for every single person on earth with a computer

not really.

like i know this is a shitpost but just in case folks aren’t aware: the fbi and nsa and whatev gov agencies do monitor all internet traffic. The idea tho is to catalogue and scan for things like keywords and other data analysis and use that info to flag accounts/ip addresses/identities. Basically, building massive databases of information on all people just in case you become a threat to the state.

Think of it like an automatic file being built on every single person in real time. Should you do anything to warrant state suppression, your file may be flagged for further investigation which may lead to being actively tracked or suppressed (as evidenced in the past with COINTELPRO)

so no, there isn’t an agent per person. But you bet your ass there is a profile of you that connects all your electronic activity (including GPS data/metadata and tracking via MAC addresses, user agents and/or unique hardware identifiers) to intelligence agencies.

of course, much of this is intended to specifically instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt as part of a larger culture of fear.

but I figure it is better to know what’s going on so you can understand what’s happening.

so anyway, yeah, shit’s real yo.

hhh this is uh… kinda terrifying.

Hey remember when this was exposed and not a single person in the US government went to jail or even lost their job over it

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