Dear women D&D players,






I’m a huge podcast fan, and I listen to a lot of Dungeon and Dragons/roll playing game podcasts. What I feel is missing is women playing D&D. Especially women DMs. I think the world is missing out on hearing how fun women playing D&D must be. And how different it must be. I for one would be thankful to find it and hear it. I hope I get to hear a women led rpg podcast someday. Thank you.

Girls Guts Glory comes to mind as well as Shieldmaidens.

Both are an all-female D&D game groups that do youtube videos/streams/podcasts

Including links for 

Girls Guts Glory

Shield Maidens: Deadly Dames do D&D (althought the DM is a dude, the rest of the players are women.)

@damesanddragons –  A 5E dnd podcast

Thanks a million for recommending us, @lawfulgoodness​!!! 🙂

Here are some more lady-laden D&D podcasts for consideration:

Updating with more recommendations from the notes:

  • The D20 Babes – (all-female cast, DM’ed by one of the writers of “Rat Queens,” Kurtis Wiebe.
  • @dungeonsandlesbians – A pretty new group with audio of their games available on their tumblr page.
  • “She’s a Super Geek” – Not strictly a d&d-site, but focused on women in geek circles, especially RPGs.

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