Hi! I’m Jamie and I’m new to writerblr but I have no clue where people are or what to do 😅 So if you’re a writer or an avid reader or have blog recommendations or have tips for how to be a writer on Tumblr then pls reblog and I’ll give you a follow 😁

i follow a bunch of great writers!

@gallusrostromegalus (their family lore tag is hilarious)

@screamingatanemptyroom (they write a lot of stories based on prompts and the occasional poem – very good)

@caffeinewitchcraft (I don’t know if you’re following them already but you should be)

@immzies-adventures-through-books (I know you’re already following them but i needed to mention anyway because she’s amazing 

@concerningwolves (they’re an indie author who post a bunch of writing tips/resources)

@ofgeography (check out her tag #molly writes things)



@byjillianmaria (writer who occasionally reblog writer tips?? yes??)

@sulfurousdreamscapes (new creative short story every day!! i love this blog!!)

@shanastoryteller (retold fairy tales and greek mythology – another great writer)

Aww bless thanks 😀

I’m at work atm but if I remember tonight I’ll add a list of writers I follow

Hi! Hope I’m not interjecting…

@brynwrites had amazing writerly advice and wrote an awesome book about pirates and sirens!

@cogwrites also has good advice, is super positive, and posts their work. Metal of the Undying is so good! It’s a steampunk fantasy.

@the960writers posts tips and blog posts about writing.

@writeblrconnections has a list of writers and also posts tips and advice for writing

There’s so many others to list but I’m currently on mobile. Hope this helps!

Oh such a great list to be on.

@adayinwriterslife check out the writerlrs!

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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