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Hey, all!  As some of you know, I recently published a masterpost on how to name your novel.

However, one reader responded that the post only applied to self-published authors, as publishers would help you come up with a marketable name.  When I responded that this, for the most part, was not true, and that authors usually receive minimal marketing help from publishers, they insisted that “publishers would still handle most of it.”

This is a common mentality, but to my knowledge, it can be fatal to a budding author’s career.  So I decided now is as good a time as any to create a masterpost of marketing resources for my fellow published authors to-be.

I intend to add to this list as time goes on, but I hope it will be a helpful and handy resource!  

Myths and Misconceptions:

3 Things Your Traditional Publisher is Unlikely to Do

Do Publishers Market Books

Traditional Publishing Myth:  The Publisher Will Provide Lots of Marketing Support

Do “Traditional” Publishers Market Their Books?

The Book Publishing Landscape is a Mess

6 Self-Publishing Myths That Need to Die

Do Publishers Market Their Books?

Marketing Resources:  

15 DIY Book Promotional Tools

71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book

How to Market and Sell Your Book in 5 Steps

50 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Promote Your Book

How to Skyrocket Sales of Your Book 

Marketing Your Book

Sell More Books and Reach More Readers

How to Market a Book

101 Book Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Book

Book Marketing, How to Promote a Book

More to come!  I hope this helps, and happy writing!  ❤

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