this website has got to stop treating sex as something that’s inherently impure, dangerous, and disgusting

Funny, from where I’m sitting, it looks like sex is treated as compulsory, and even if you’re asexual you’re weird if you don’t at least want to read porn.

the thing is, these perspectives aren’t as exclusive as they sound at first

sexual moors are contradictory and impossible all the time. you can have people who are simultaneously aphobic and bigoted towards even the most vanilla of kinks. You have a ton of people who see sex as natural, inevitable – and therefore people who don’t want it as unnatural – but also as something dangerous, something that has to be strictly controlled and something that’s only morally ok in narrowly defined circumstances. that’s the dominant cultural perspective, but shades of it travel into queer spaces all the time, removing some gender barriers but maintaining the same fundamental “you must experience attraction to the people and ideas that we’ve decided are ok”.

It’s the classic “if you don’t want it, you’re a prude; if you want it, you’re a slut” catch-22, with a socially progressive hat. It’s not really a good situation for anybody.

You really nailed this description, thanks.

This goes with how radfem rhetoric is often essentially patriarchal and conservative in nature, due to being a re-skin of the authoritarian cultures its adherents were usually raised in.

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