I’m not gonna argue that you have some existential obligation not to schedule things on Jewish holidays but I am gonna say that when you do it, it makes Jews a little less welcome in your space

And this is especially an issue in a space that is already for a marginalized group and is trying to be intersectional, eg. an LGBTQ group

And like, I know there are Jewish people who’d still go, but tbh that’s kind of part of the issue — by scheduling things this way, you’re contributing to the stress of having to choose, the pressure to assimilate, and the tension of being a Jew in the diaspora

Non-Jews can reblog this

If you’re like me, then your first reaction to this was “Okay, but there are a lot of holidays and a lot of religions, how do I schedule around all of them?”

So I went and found an Interfaith Calendar of Holy Days for major religions.

(More under the cut.)

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Thank you for this addition! I was actually thinking of linking this exact calendar. And very good point about checking in with someone from the religion — many holidays are minor or at least don’t really get in the way of going to events. Like, scheduling something on Chanukah or Tu Bishvat would be totally fine.

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