Would any if you peeps be interested in if I made a little post about spray paint? Like I want to show some people how I do it and maybe if y’all feel like it y’all can try it

Nobody said yes but



Do this

Step one

Get some supplies obviously, all you will need is

  • Spray paint (doesn’t even have to be much, you can do this with 3-4 colors or 1000)
  • Glossy paper. Photo paper also works, you can figure it out
  • Anything round to make the planet with that can cover it up
  • Determination
  • Also a snack.

Step two

Cover yo thang

You’re just gonna spray enough so that you’ll be able to make out the shape, you don’t need much at all and it’s even better if you don’t use much.

Look at that nice circle

Step three

color, this part is so fun and you can do anything you want with it, i made mine the pansexual flag

I know it looks crazy but trust me, you’re gonna have to cover it up with a few colors.

Think about where you want the light to come from, the black is the shadow farthest from the light, the white is where the light is shining on it and the yellow in the middle is so that it’s not so bland. For the color in the middle put whatever was underneath right there (or not I’m not your mom)


You’re gonna ball up some paper and lay it over it, will the paper to get some if the paint up and lift

I wasn’t to happy so I did it again, you can do this as much or as little as you want.

This looks better to me.

Step whatever

More shadows, this is optional but I prefer it. Black in the bottom and white on the top as before but this time not as much so the color comes through


Okay cover it up againnnn

Paint that while thing black. The entire thing, completely. This is always fun

The bright side (light)

Okay this is optional but I love it, I’m gonna add light… Just look

sooo start with blue in the corner where it’s coming from and a bit in the other side behind the planet, stay with me on this.

White to brighten it up…..

Now another fun part


You can do this anyway you want, I just put on a glove and spray some on two of my fingers and flick it on but there’s loads of ways, check it.


now the reveal…..

Omg this is so pretty

Pansexual planet

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