This is from the forecast discussion of Major Hurricane Florence from this afternoon. As a meteorologist, when I saw this, my heart sank. They don’t use wording like this for every storm.

Florence is going to be a devastating. There will be huge amounts of flooding, both from inland rain and from costal storm surge. Winds are going to be some of the strongest you can get from a hurricane. People within the path of this storm could lose everything.

If you know anyone who lives on the North or South Carolina coast, tell them that if there’s an evacuation ordered, they need to get the hell out. Do not take chances with this one.

Reblogging again to add a list of things/essentials from a friend who lives on the NC coast and has weathered hurricanes and other bad weather:

– toiletries (paper towels, toilet paper, baby wipes for “bathing” in case power & water go out)

– water, 1 gallon per person for at least 7 days (err on the side of caution if possible); more if you have animals!!

– non perishable food items, if you get canned food make sure you have a can OPENER

– pet food & supplies, if you’re really worried about flooding it may be beneficial to get life vests for your pets, also find a way to put identification information on them!

– batteries

– flashlights

– battery packs for cell phones charged up in case of loss of power

– filled cars with gas & filled gas can(s)

– get all essentials like passports, important docs, and cherished items together & ready to go

– just in case, determine a way to get onto your roof safely

– fill bathtubs with water so if water isn’t available you can refill the toilets to keep flushing and keep waste to a minimum

– if you have dogs look up how to make a makeshift potty, you can use a hard baby pool and some sod potentially

– check your prescriptions and get them refilled now if necessary

– if you’re taking insulin and lose power, fill a separate cooler for your insulin than the one you would use for food. Insulin > food

If your place begins to flood get the hell OUT of the water!!! There is no telling if you have a live electrical charge in there!

Do not cross any water you cannot see the bottom of the ground in. I’m serious.

Read up on flash floods and common safety tips.

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