uhHHHH I don’t mean to be dramatic or anything but I literally wrote 50k words in two weeks without fuckening trying, like won NaNoWriMo in 2 weeks, TWO WEEKS, after joining and I’m like

w h a t

  • OK so it’s pretty much like Neopets + Gaia Online + RPG, But You Level Up Through Writing
  • You “battle” cute online critters with your word count
  • You can dress up your avatar and whatnot and there are different regions and crafting quests
  • and my weird brain apparently responds VERY WELL to nerd gamification
  • because Holy Shit I wrote 50,600 words in 2 fuckening weeks
  • and am now 4thewords’ new hype squad
  • (also if you join, use the referral code PEUOC65061 so if you get a full membership, which I totally am, we will both be rewarded)

basically, wow I have never been this productive in my LIFE and I can’t wait for their July mini nanowrimo event (they’re doing a pride month one right now so you can get a rainbow shirt and fight rainbow beasties it’s freakin adorable)

and if this sounds like something you would enjoy, go for it, try to catch me, just do it, come at me friends let’s write some good shit together

Adding my own endorsement to this because I wrote 12k in two days when I first got it, then went on to write every day INCLUDING after 8-hour work days which NEVER happens, I usually have to wait for a light day where I do very little and get struck by inspiration and energy to write just 2k. And I’ve written almost 20k in eight days, six of which were at least 8-hour work days. This is literally impossible for me under normal circumstances, between depression and ADHD and plain old work-day exhaustion.

I’ve written up half a full legendarium for my novel project as an experiment with this site. I’ve gotten more content made in the past 8 days than all year long.

Writers. Try this site the FUCK out.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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