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alwaysbringabookwithyou: wlwfiction: 23 September is Bisexual Visibility Day, so WLWFiction is recommending books about bi ladies! * indicates the author is bisexual/pansexual/attracted to multiple genders # indicates author of colour Middle Grade Star-Crossed by Barbara Dee Young Adult Leah on … Continue reading

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meggory84: glompcat: It’s a minor pet peeve, but it is everywhere today so errrr…. please keep in mind that “Rest in Peace”/RIP literally comes from a latin phrase and is a very very deeply Christian expression. When talking about the departed, Jews … Continue reading

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Book Review: Bone Dance by Emma Bull

I recently read Bone Dance (fantasy 315 pages) by Emma Bull as part of my Asexual Reading list for 2018. “Sparrow’s my name. Trader. Deal-maker. Hustler, some call me. I work the Night Fair circuit, buying and selling prenuke videos … Continue reading

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hmcbook: “I went to [Tolkien’s] public lectures. They were absolutely appalling. In those days a lecturer could be paid for his entire course even if he lost his audience, provided he turned up for the first lecture. I think that … Continue reading

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