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meggory84: glompcat: It’s a minor pet peeve, but it is everywhere today so errrr…. please keep in mind that “Rest in Peace”/RIP literally comes from a latin phrase and is a very very deeply Christian expression. When talking about the departed, Jews … Continue reading

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jathis: cerulean-tmp: nonespark: ask-gallows-callibrator: wintercoffin: brotoro: cherryblossomsparkle: did-you-kno: Source THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT ACTUALLY THIS MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY  he was 100% against preaching to unwilling people, too, and all for bringing religion into the lives of those who wanted … Continue reading

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toorational: thelogicalloganipus: randomslasher: thelogicalloganipus: “the Bible says homosexuality is a sin” well the Bible also has a lot of sexism, rape, incest, violence and a lot of contradictory messages in general because it was written by people and people have … Continue reading

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smarter-than-the-republicans: bankuei: quasi-normalcy: simonbitdiddle: lindentreeisle: kyraneko: fierceawakening: robotsandfrippary: squirrelshideout: lauralot89: My mom said that today in church her pastor said in the sermon that Jesus told us to help the poor, and taking money away from public schools to give … Continue reading

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ijustreallyloveraytoro: fandom-oracle: goldstars-drumsticks: Out of all the things I’ve received at pride parades, as a Christian, this one is my favorite. I’m an atheist but this is sweet for all my struggling Christian followers i’m also an atheist but this … Continue reading

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niuniente: dark-haired-hamlet: Pro tip: if an evangelical stranger approaches you asking to pray for you, there’s inevitably something about you that they see and want to change. [Ex: I attend a very conservative, very religious uni and am clearly tomboyish/lesbiany, … Continue reading

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Politics and Religion

Typically, I have this rule which states there are three things that you never discuss at the bar: politics, religion, and the other person’s wife. So while I don’t typically post about these things, I feel as though the present situation … Continue reading

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