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lyricfrost13: polymauk: fangirlfreakingout: runnerfivestillalive: artemxmendacium: Peter Parker: -on meeting Loki, offers his hand- Hi, I’m Peter! Loki: -shakes his hand- Loki of Asgard. Peter: Aren’t you like…a bad guy? Loki: It varies from moment to moment. Peter: So like…on a … Continue reading

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hydok: dramaticspoon: doctor-seamonster: vamaena: That time Aunt May poisoned the Chameleon when he was disguised as Peter. I never saw the last page and for years l thought that aunt may literally killed a man. Well, she kinda did. Between … Continue reading

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magical-awesome-kid: loisfreakinglane: endless evidence that peter parker is most interesting as a former teen superhero defending and dispensing advice to current teen superheroes Peter Parker, by near all accounts, was the ORIGINAL teen superhero so seeing him age like this … Continue reading

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zephyrine-gale: if you don’t think shuri would use her bracelet to astral project memes then what is the point??? Source: zephyrine-gale

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flashey: Can’t you just be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Source: parkey

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tonystarktogo: teamironmanforever: Undercover AU where Peter and Tony have to pretend they are father and son and that cements their relationship so that when the mission is over, they are super close and they have both accepted their roles in … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

Again, I find myself avoiding my mountains of homework and studying in favor of taking a mental break. As it turns out, mental labor can be just as exhausting as physical labor and I desperately needed a break from all … Continue reading

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