25 Days of Writing Challenge: Day 17

Day 17: Your character has fallen in love. With who? Is it serious? Are they in a relationship with this person? How did they meet? Write a scene of your character either contemplating this significant other or directly interacting with them.

Lemira never understood everyone’s fascination with love. The female trainees went on and on about the attractive features of the male trainees and she often felt the male trainees spent a lot of time posturing and attempting to show off to the female trainees. On both sides, she constantly overheard trainees talking about just wanting to get married, find some land, and have a family. The men wanted to be farmers and the women wanted to be wives.

All throughout her childhood, her peers made snide comments about her love of the forest and climbing and teased her that she should be focused on pursuing more feminine tasks. So while she never understood the desire to have a family and settle down, she did understand loyalty and love to something bigger than herself.

When the recruiters first came to her village, she was four years too young to join, but she realized as those soldiers stood in the town square and spoke to the populace about the return of the demon forces that she wanted to protect those who could not protect themselves. She wanted to serve something bigger than herself and the small village she lived in.

She devoted the next four years of her life preparing in secret for the day when she would finally be old enough to volunteer. She convinced passing trackers to teach her their skills. The same went for other woodsmen and anyone she felt could be trusted long enough to teach her a skill. Lemira’s parents mentioned that she spent a large amount of time in the forest but their daughter was happy and attended her required classes so they left her alone.

She fell in love with the forest and the dream that someday, her skills in the forest would help her take care of her family and the rest of the people in the village and the kingdom.

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1 Response to 25 Days of Writing Challenge: Day 17

  1. ‘No interest in settling down with a family’ can be explained in its own statement. ‘In love with the forest and idea of protecting people’ begs more depth

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