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thesociologicalcinema: Some of the principle actors of the stonewall rebellion Source: thesociologicalcinema

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cemmerz: dylanolinski: pale-unic0rn: larrystylinson-stuff: larrysbellybutton: gomezwantsmullerinhisbed: dylanolinski: I hate it when you’re reading smut and you can’t figure out what position they’re in. sometimes it just ends up being something like ITS BACK lord  Y’ALL NEED JESUS Please stop reblogging … Continue reading

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kailere: “Unappropriated Beauty“ is a poster ad campaign tackling the issue of cultural appropriation in a non-accusatory, educational way. These adverts are size-compatible to fit in different settings, including bus shelters, billboards, mobile devices, and magazines. The goal of this … Continue reading

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