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eijiroukun: eijiroukun: Yall rlly need to stop sexualizing the kids. And not just the girls. I see you nasty fuckers drawing the boys all sweaty and shirtless. Fuck off they’re 15 Yall won’t reblog this but go and reblog posts … Continue reading

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youmattered: trezbelivt: youmattered: Having separate flags is good bcos it’s good to have a symbol for your particular identity to embrace but it also important to remember the rainbow flag unites us all. All LGBT+ people can use it. I … Continue reading

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moonisneveralone: equalityspeaks: A must-see!  This young love comedy is about two queer women of colour — actually played by two young, out queer women of colour. Hearts Beat Loud begins its nationwide rollout this weekend. You can check here for local … Continue reading

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heartlessharless: violsva: Futhermore: “tumblr” as you experience it is defined entirely by whom you’re following. If you think tumblr doesn’t focus enough on recovery or female artists or Jason Momoa, follow some recovery/female artists/Jason Momoa blogs, and tumblr will change. THIS. … Continue reading

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