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Graphic Novel Review: Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Volume 2

One of the big motivations for me reading Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Volume 1 last weekend was because I found Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Volume 2 at my local bookstore late last week and wanted to see how the story progressed. “Kyle … Continue reading

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osheamobile: ghoulvalentines: apoeticmindset: savordance-lifesupport: faythinthemusic: I want to be really clear about something: Planned Parenthood has done more to prevent abortion than the pro-life movement ever has. Yup, preventing abortion by giving abortions. Makes sense! No you fucking crusty nutsack … Continue reading

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scarlet-benoit-is-my-rolemodel: rainbowloliofjustice: lordosis-behaviour: jordtheborednord: captainf-ingmagic: rainbowloliofjustice: If you shoplift don’t reblog posts about respecting retail workers doing holiday seasons.  It’s very clear you don’t respect them if you’re willing to ignore the fact that they say they risk being laid … Continue reading

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resilienceofabee: Emotional Labor: What It Is and How To Do It via Celine Loup Source: resilienceofabee

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lumpyrug: thebestoftumbling: clever dog tricked me into game of fetch Opposite of a problem

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blabberburtle: moncarnetdenote: eternalforeignsultanija21: versacegods: teacher: write a 5 page essay analyzing this me: it’s not that deep 🏊🏼 I swear to god they’re so dramatic. Even in art history they read into what an apple or fly means like BICH … Continue reading

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tradfag: This is the kindest expression I’ve ever seen in my life no one has ever looked at me with this much empathy and understanding

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emo-sanders-sides-loving-unicorn: nouran-turtle-artist: stagemanagerofspades: durnesque-esque: thatseanguyblogs: durnesque-esque: 0601254: haymitchdrinksfirewhiskey: lovelynobody00: bei-fong-appreciation-blog: durnesque-esque: cassandracroft: If a girl is to do the same superman thing where he takes off his disguise, we just look pervy. Not the same effect First of all: bullshit. … Continue reading

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batbrobeyond: jetgreguar: disneytrivia: In the scene in The Incredibles where Helen (Elastagirl) is flying the plane, her use of radio protocol is exceptionally accurate for a movie. The terminology used hints that she has had military flight training. In the director’s commentary … Continue reading

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antyc67: petermorwood: justhere4coffee: amphiaria: amphiaria: this is the most sophisticated phishing e-mail I have ever received and if they had sized the logo correctly and actually proofread the fucking thing I probably would’ve clicked that button actually please reblog this … Continue reading

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