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hailsshard: batchygyo: blue-bower: bugcthulhu: meglyman: Mimic Octopus has had enough of Dancing Crab’s shenanigans darn dancing crabs and their jazz crab hands ‘HELLO MY BABY HELLO MY H-““NO” i cant control my hand suddenly NEED Source: trynottodrown

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babyanimalgifs: Animal snaps (add babyanimalposts on snapchat for more) (#1 @peanytodd) Source: babyanimalgifs

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captainsaku: I found these tags on that post asking adults to list their age. This is one of many who seem to agree with OP’s sentiment. I think kids on the internet these days–and by “kids” I mean anyone under 18 honestly–need … Continue reading

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kimpossibooty: salparadisewasright: kimpossibooty: God gave me depression because if my ambitions went unchecked I would have bested him in hand to hand combat by age 16 My message is being delivered properly now

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wlwmermald: I’ll take it from here. Bonus: Source: yuletidelouie

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wonderytho: Me🤷irl Source: wonderytho

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Source: theoldbaccarinmorena

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thnkfilm: “At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you’re going to be. Can’t let nobody make that decision for you.” Moonlight (2016)dir. Barry Jenkins Source: thnkfilm

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fuckyeahwomenfilmdirectors: Rafiki dir. Wanuri Kahiu (2018) Two Kenyan girls fall in love with each other despite pushback from their families and community. Source: fuckyeahwomenfilmdirectors

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