romance isn’t dead it’s just very sleepy

I thought I recognized this art so i looked at op’s blog

idk if y’all remember this homophobic mess of a comic. Granted people can change but op’s more recent stuff reflects the same views.

hi! wow, you have a good memory, this was almost a year ago!

I think you might have misinterpreted the comic. the joke was how she, an ace person, could forget something as obvious and familiar to other people as sexual attraction! I thought her reaction was so funny I suggested making a daily comic about it.

Lyd is my girlfriend! We’re in love! Passionate lesbian love. For four years now! Since that comic we moved in together and we’ve started building savings for our life together! We talk online (Twitter, we don’t really use tumblr) about struggles we face, homophobia, lesbian history and representation, and the intersection of being gay with being ace, not ace, gender conforming, and gender non-conforming. That comic you’re saying is homophobic might look like it to someone without the context of our life, and maybe it did cause a sapphic woman to feel alienated due to her sexual attraction. I understand that because I’ve felt that way many times from the words of both lgbt and non-lgbt people alike. But it was an accident, and while that can’t take away the damage, I promise that Lyd’s comics showing our happy life together, our posts online, even our youtube channel all do infinitely more good for fellow sapphic women and other lgbt people than this comic did bad. Lyd apologized for the misunderstandings and lack of clarity.

Please stop holding other lgbt people to an impossibly high standard. We have so many enemies in this world, the last thing we need is to be attacking each other for the smallest infractions.

– Meg, a lesbian

(we went on vacation together last week! 🙂 )

how tf is “allosexuals experience sexual attraction” homophobic

ace lesbian: *makes a comic about being an ace lesbian*

exclusionist: the HOMOPHOBIA Y’ALL

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