Just going to leave this here!

Of fucking course.

Superman, the embodiment of American Values, the beacon of Conservatism and Americana.Being used to push a political agenda that is the complete opposite of who he is as a character.

Just to be expected. Superman the embodiment of conservative American values can’t be a conservative or believe in conservative values in today’s world.Because GOD FORBID Superman stand for something!

Rather than flowing with the tide of the liberals who own the rights to him!

Hey do you know who Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster are?

Superman’s very first story literally dubs him “Champion of the Oppressed.” He stops a wife beater from killing his wife and threatens a lobbyist.

Superman has literally never been a beacon of conservatism. Superman is meant to be an ideal. He’s aspirational. And he’s a goddamn immigrant created by two Jewish men who were the sons of immigrants.

Superman is not just a refugee, he’s an undocumented immigrant. Just because he’s white-passing and enjoys Ma Kent’s apple pie, that has never meant that he is not a refugee or an undocumented immigrant.

Though I hesitate to use the term because no human beings are illegal, he is quite literally an illegal alien.

Yeah, Space Moses is totally the champion of conservatism. 

His arch enemy is a billionaire who later became President, for Rao’s sake. 

Let us not forget the Of Gods and Monsters universe where he was adopted by Mexican immigrants instead of the Kents

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