i hate how whenever you see a gay love scene in movies or tv in the company of straight people the atmosphere gets tense regardless of tolerance level. like conservatives are visibly uncomfortable or disgusted and that tension could easily become fear while liberals are like “this is weird but I’ll prove I’m open minded. Come on, game face” and they alternate between making comments about how Okay With It they are and looking a little constipated. either way you just hope it ends

fun story:
i was a teaching assistant for a film history class a couple of years ago, and the professor was a newly hired super-queer trans man. naturally, he screened a film that features an interracial, lesbian sex scene. during discussion section that week, i asked my students to share a moment in the film that really stood out to them and explain why. this quiet kid in the back, who couldn’t have been more than 18 and was dressed in a fairly Straight White Boy outfit – backwards baseball cap and all – raised his hand and said:

“i really liked the sex scene because i could just feel all the straight people around me cringe and get uncomfortable, and that’s how i always feel during sex scenes in most Hollywood movies.”

i wanted to give him a high five. i think it’s still one of my favorite comments I’ve gotten in discussion section.

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