Being crazy ain’t ok.


verbally abusing your boyfriend is not ok. Manipulating your significant other to get what you want is not ok.


Being controlling and not seeing it isn’t okay

I’m happy to see this is actually getting notes.


I’m a woman, I don’t have the right to be an abusive bitch just because of my anatomy.

Going through his phone, calling him when he’s out with his friends or just out, not giving him space alladet

fyi, if we were talking about a man, all of these comments would be about leaving his ass. If your gf is doing ANY of these things. LEAVE her. You don’t deserve it.

Saying he can’t even look at another woman without a problem? Toxic.
Saying he can’t have women for friends, even when they were there first? Toxic.
Getting angry when he wants time for himself to hang out with his friends instead of being under your titties 24/7? Toxic.
Gaslighting him when he has a problem with you and making it seem like he’s making shit up? Toxic.
Accusing him of cheating everytime he does something that doesn’t involve you? Toxic.
Making rules for him and denying him his autonomy? Toxic.
Putting your goddamn hands on him because you know he won’t touch you back? Toxic.
You’re insecure and abusive and you need to check yourself.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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