Amazon’s big deals event is being timed to coincide with the multinational strike action against them, so don’t get tempted when those start up

It’s on July 10th

The strikes were actually timed for the big deals event so when the high demand comes Amazon will realise how much it needs it workers.

I clarified my meaning in another post but I want to say here that the intent of the strike is not to show Amazon how much it needs its workers; Amazon knows full well that it needs its workers like any company does. The intent of strike action is to disrupt and damage Amazon’s ability to carry out its functions and force the bosses to make concessions.

wait, doesn’t that mean we SHOULD order from it, to increase demand?

Absolutely not

if we order from amazon, they will still find a way to get us our orders and make their money, which is what they really care about. they will get their end of the deal even if it’s harder than it normally is. they will think they don’t need their employees to make money, AND they won’t have as many people to split that money between.

if we refuse to buy from them, it’s a double punch of not only not having workers, but not even making money without them. they’ll be fucked six ways from sunday, and it will force them to give a hot fuck about how they treat their employees

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