100 Non-Fiction Books by Women on Women

The links redirect to OpenLibrary, for the books that are available to be read there.

Language, Writing, Reading


  • Fearless Wives and Frightened Shrews: The Construction of the Witch in Early Modern Germany, Sigrid Bauner
  • Women, the Family and Peasant Revolution in China, Kay Ann Johnson
  • A Quiet Revolution: The resurgence of the Veil in the Middle East and America, Leila Ahmed
  • The Encyclopedia of Amazons: Women Warriors from Antiquity to the Modern Era, Jessica Salmonson
  • Hearts And Minds: The Untold Story of the Great Pilgrimage and How Women Won the Vote, Jane Robinson
  • Memoirs of Victorian Working-Class Women, Florence S. Boos
  • Sisters in the Struggle: African American Women in the Civil Rights / Black Power Movement, Bettye Collier-Thomas
  • Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times, Elizabeth Wayland Barber
  • Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: A Feminist Reinterpretation of the Wives of Henry VIII, Karen Lindsey
  • A Train in Winter: An Extraordinary story of Women, Friendship, and Resistance in Occupied France, Caroline Moorehead
  • ‘Criminals, Idiots, Women, and Minors’: Victorian Writing by Women on Women, Susan Hamilton
  • The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: From the Middle Ages to Eighteen-Seventy, Gerda Lerner
  • Women’s Work: An Anthology of African-American Women’s Historical Writings from Antebellum America to the Harlem Renaissance, ed. Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp and Kathryn Lofton
  • The Girl With 7 Names: A North Korean’s Defector Story, Hyeonseo Lee
  • Seeing and Knowing: Women and Learning in Medieval Europe, Anneke Mulder-Bakker
  • To Believe in Women: What Lesbians Have Done For America – A History, Lillian Faderman,
  • Women in the Holocaust: A Feminist History, Zoë Waxman
  • The Undaunted Women of Nanking: The Wartime Diaries of Minnie Vautrin and Tsen Shui-fang, ed. Hua-ling Hu and Zhang Lian-hong
  • Gentlemen and Amazons: The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory, 1861-1900, Cynthia Eller

Modern, Contemporary

Religion, Spirituality, Myth

  • Women and Mystical Experience in the Middle Ages, Frances Beer
  • The Wisdom of the Beguines: The Forgotten Story of a Medieval Women’s Movement, Laura Swan
  • Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate, Leila Ahmed
  • Wandering Women and Holy Matrons: Women as Pilgrims in the Later Middle Ages, Leigh Ann Craig
  • Unspoken Worlds: Women’s Religious Lives, Nancy Auer Falk
  • Women and Indigenous Religions, ed. Sylvia Marcos
  • Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement, Kathryn Joyce
  • Beyond God the Father, Mary Daly
  • Convent Chronicles: Women Writing About Women and Reform in the Late Middle Ages, Anne Winston-Allen
  • Immortality and Reincarnation: Wisdom from the Forbidden Journey, Alexandra David-Néel
  • The Tribe of Dina: A Jewish Women’s Anthology, ed. Irena Klepfisz and Melanie Kaye Kantrowitz
  • Women Living Zen: Japanese Soto Buddhist Nuns, Paula Kane Robinson Arai
  • Spiders & Spinsters: Women and Mythology, Marta Weigle
  • The Dancing Goddesses: Folklore, Archaeology, and the Origins of European Dance, Elizabeth Wayland Barber
  • The Female Mystic: Great Women Thinkers of the Middle Ages, Andrea Dickens

Science, Medicine

  • Blazing the Trail: Essays by Leading Women in Science, ed. Emma Ideal & Rhiannon Meharchand
  • Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race, Margot Lee Shetterly
  • Soundings: The Story of the Remarkable Woman Who Mapped the Ocean Floor, Hali Felt
  • Complexities: Women in Mathematics, Bettye Anne Case
  • The Mercury 13: The True Story of Thirteen Women and the Dream of Space Flight, Martha Ackmann
  • Nobel Prize Women in Science: Their Lives, Struggles, and Momentous Discoveries, Sharon Bertsch McGrayne
  • Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA, Brenda Maddox
  • The Madame Curie Complex: The Hidden History of Women in Science, Julie Des Jardins
  • Women and Madness, Phyllis Chesler
  • The Fossil Hunter: Dinosaurs, Evolution, and the Woman Whose Discoveries Changed the World, Shelley Emling (for a fictionalised version: Tracy Chevalier’s Remarkable Creatures)
  • Women in Science: Antiquity through the Nineteenth Century, Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie
  • Feminism & Bioethics, Susan M. Wolf
  • Chrysalis: Maria Merian and the Secrets of Metamorphosis, Kim Todd
  • Lifting the Veil: The feminine face of science, Linda J. Shepherd
  • The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women, Kate Moore
  • Mary Somerville: Science, Illumination, and the Female Mind, Kathryn A. Neeley
  • Pandora’s Breeches: Women, Science and Power in the Enlightenment, Patricia Fara

Economics, Politics

  • Women and Economics, Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • The Political Economy of Violence against Women, Jacqui True
  • Toward a Feminist Philosophy of Economics, Drucilla Barker (also her Liberating Economics: Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization)
  • Feminism Seduced: How Global Elites Use Women’s Labor and Ideas to Exploit the World, Hester Eisenstein
  • The Poverty of Life-Affirming Work: Motherwork, Education, and Social Change, Mechthild U. Hart
  • Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics, Cynthia Enloe
  • Visionary Women: How Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters Changed Our World, Andrea Barnet
  • Disposable Women and Other Myths of Global Capitalism, Melissa W. Wright
  • Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?: A Story of Women and Economics, Katrine Marçal
  • The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life of Frances Perkins, FDR’S Secretary of Labor and His Moral Conscience, Kirstin Downey
  • If Women Counted: A New Feminist Economics, Marilyn Waring (also her Counting For Nothing: What Men Value and What Women are Worth)
  • Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation, Silvia Federici

A lot of the books that aren’t available on OpenLibrary can be found here, if you have no morals and don’t mind piracy.

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