God, Mary Magdelene deserved so much more than she ever received. I wouldn’t say I’m religious, but the history surrounding this so called “Mystery Woman” is astounding. She’s the mother of Christianty and Catholicism, yet she’s written out of most of the gospels, and forgotten. The few lines of text she’s mentioned in don’t give us the real picture of who she was, she was the first Apostle to see the risen Jesus or what she believed was Jesus, and immediately her claims are not to believed unless validated by men. Mary Magdalene was the Apostle of the apostles, she understood Jesus in a way that the men did not, she stayed with Christ until his death, which was very dangerous for her as she could be crucified for doing so, while her male counterparts fled in fear. She came to the burial sight of Jesus and helped his mother Mary and his sister wash his body and prep him for a proper burial, this was very intimate and usually only done by family, this intimacy lay in her washing the body of the naked Christ. She, a women, wrote a Gospel, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, which was uncovered and translated recently, and yet her testimony, her intimacy with Christ was deemed unimportant to the religion that she mothered and was swept aside, never to be read or copied ever again. Her male counterparts however, were praised and their stories were shared, whether they were accurate or not, as they were not present at the crucifixion, and Mary’s truth was forgotten. Mary Magdalene became the whore, the sinner whom Jesus saved, and repented, though there is no evidence that Mary and this prostitute were one and the same, she became whatever men of the church needed her to be, and who she really was became smeared in falsehood, the girl from Galilee who followed Jesus, and heard him speak, and cried beneath his cross, who taught the other 12 Apostles the true word of her lord, and who Jesus trusted enough to be the first he appeared to, was discarded. She became a scapegoat for sinners. What I want you to remember, whether you’re religious or not, is that, this woman, a key part of the Jesus movement, was essentially wiped out from the Religion she birthed with her vision of the risen Jesus, all because she was a Women.

Drag the Catholic Church for the Masoganistic Bullshit they been getting away with for too damn long.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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