say what you want about elon musk but you gotta admit it’s extremely funny that the rescue team got those boys out before elon could even finish masturbating all over his shitty little escape pod 

like he was hemming and hawing over what kind of music to load it with and the thai rescue teams just. got the job done normally. without him. he contributed jack shit and his shitty little submarine was rendered useless by completely standard scuba gear and a few determined workers. 

dude tried playing the white savior just got blown the fuck out by people who actually cared about what was going on 

the people replying to this are wild 

their go-to thing is “well what did you do to help” as if elon himself did anything to help. at all.

here’s what happened: he heard about the tragedy on the news and immediately tried to make it about himself. he publicly announced he was going to swoop in and help before consulting anyone, threw a tantrum when the thai rescuers declined his offer because they knew what they were doing and didn’t need an expensive, impractical escape pod to do their jobs, and now he’s STILL making the issue about himself by ragging on the rescuers for refusing his help.

i get it. he’s rich. he makes spaceships. he lives the way you wish you could live and does the things you dream about doing with his money, but he’s still an egotistical dickhead. he underpays his workers, wastes money on useless ventures, and any time he does anything charitable he does it for PR purposes.

if he wanted to help people he wouldn’t wait for opportunities to spontaneously show off, he’d actually actively be helping people. he’d be using his money to fix broken roads, fund schools, fix flints pipes, stuff that’s been a problem for a long time. you don’t have to wait for an opportunity to help people, there’s always people in need. 

elon doesn’t do that. he makes expensive toys for his own amusement. he’s not interested in helping people. the story about the boys in thailand happened to grab his attention and he thought “i bet i can make a toy for that.” 

and that’s what he did. he made a highly publicized toy for himself and then threw a tantrum when the actual rescuers declined his offer to swoop in and save the day with an impractical toy and he is still throwing that tantrum now that the boys are safe. 

find better heroes. 

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