you can really tell when you walk into someone’s house if their parents made them do chores as a kid or not

if any of my followers are adults with young kids… please for the love of all that is holy, make those children do chores. make them wash the dishes and clean the bathrooms. teach them how to do their laundry. make them help you with dinner.

i am almost 23 years old and none of my roommates and only half my friends know how to take care of themselves or their living spaces. there’s filth on countertops, moldering dishes in the sink, i can’t take my shoes off because i don’t want even my socks to touch the floor, the showers look like i’d be less clean if i used them. it radiates a complete lack of self respect.

i have seen baby boomers and older millennials calling it abuse to make kids do chores, and i call bullshit. chores are how kids learn to become functional adults. i had to do the dishes every night, clean the kitchen and bathroom once a week, do all my own laundry, and help cook dinner. and i’m ~magically~ one of the only people i know who has a respectable standard of cleanliness for my home.

it’s not rocket science. it’s good parenting. please make your children do chores, and thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Wha-….I…how is making your kids do chores “abuse”? Why would you even think that?

Mom: Honey, could you do these dishes?

Also teach kids how to clean as they live, after you’re done with the mess whether it’s toys, or crafts, or after eating, clean up immediately. Put it away not down is the best advice I’ve heard and make sure everything has a place to go.

Learning to clean and organize is a lot harder (but not impossible) when you’re an adult.

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