not quite sure if it’s the same thing so I made my own post to lament another scar from being a tomboy


It comes that unique brand of anger at the color pink and dresses – I remember loving a little pink flowered dress I had as a preschooler but then, once I started being less ‘girly’ and more tomboyish I started to pretend to HATE that dress, HATE that color, because you can’t be both.

Kids, other parents, teachers even… you’re not allowed to wear overalls one day and then enjoy a flowy skirt the next.

I felt like I had to choose to be ALL THE TIME in pants and camo colors and mud because I was most comfortable there, but also when I wanted to wear a nice dress or put on pretty makeup I got made fun of by everyone so I gave up the occasional things that made me happy to spare the alienation, even if I did enjoy what I’d chosen instead.

I still have issues wearing dresses or skirts or makeup when I want to because I hate the over-exaggerated reactions of people in face of something that’s “So not YOU[me]!”

Just tell me I look pretty in this outfit and move on. And don’t lament that I could “look so pretty if I tried more” the next day when I’m back in my favorite pair of carharts.

Just because my ideal every day Look is Jack Harkness on a casino planet doesn’t mean you get to harrass me if I decide to look like John Barrowman when he was in La Cage aux Folles for a change.

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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