Humans Are Weird: Pet the space doggo

We’ve already discussed the whole, “Humans need chaperones so they don’t spill their pack bonding on anything within a 20 mile radius.” Thing, but you know the thing I seem to always see people leave out? It’s not just petting. It’s not just “Hug the pretty kitty baby!!” As far as I’ve seen, humans will adopt basically any behavior of an animal besides butt sniffing and peeing on things. I’ve seen people rather than get a dog to understand human, figure out how to communicate something in dog. I know people do the whole blink slowly at cats because to cats that means we calm and good and friends! We don’t (usually) go barreling into the creature den. We sit around and watch the animal til we know how they say hi! And then we get them to like us! And THEN we smother them with affection and pack bond-y-ness!! We make the sounds their babies make! We learn to speak their language! We kiss their noses sometimes!

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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