Pain tolerance

So another of my Humans are weird Posts. Dunno If someone already wrote about this so i’ll just start:

I just remembered, that i was once trying to learn how to flip a knife within my Hand and it fell down and landed a few mm deep in my knee and i was only Like “that wasn’t right” pulled it out, “bandaged” the wound with a scarf and kept training. Another time i Cut myself accidently with my katana deep in my hand. Well it was bleeding a lot. So i just went to my Mother (all our bandages are in her room) but she was on the Phone so i just stood there, quietly bleeding on the floor waiting for her to end the call. Still have a scar from that. But If i’m pocked with a needle or get lightly boxed in my arm it is too much pain for me. Or my father is really weak to poking him strongly nur when he had a Heart seizure while driving He calmly drove Home, called an ambulance and cooked something for my sister while waiting for them.

What i wanna say is that it is really weird what types of pain we can easily tolerate and which ones we can’t.

Now imagine there is this really kickass human in a spaceship Crew. Took a bullet in the stomach? No reaction. Had to amputate a hand? Didn’t even flinch. But then one of His crewmates accidentally pokes him and He starts screaming in pain.

Please add a good story.

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