So many dumb ways to die


I’ve seen so many humans are weird posts where humans are seen as the invincible warrior species, but one thing that I’ve yet to see mentioned is how ridiculously easy it is for humans to die in some cases. For that reason, I will list a few here.

Humans can die by …

  • eating a larger meal after a long fast (refeeding syndrome)
  • their own immune system overreacting to a peanut (allergies)
  • accidentally inhaling a small amount of water that causes vocal chords to spasm and close up… hours after exiting the pool (dry drowning)
  • Speaking of drowning, people can also drown in inches deep water if the water is cold and they fall face first
  • consuming too much of certain nutrients (hypervitaminosis)
  • food accidentally going down the wrong pipe (choking)
  • (what is mentioned above can also happen with a human’s own vomit)
  • blood getting into the wrong parts of the body, especially the brain (aneurysm)

Feel free to add to this list

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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