“Yeah [it was hard filming the fight scene in the lab], because Melissa had tears in her eyes and I forget that she’s acting! I’m all like ‘dude no, I don’t mean it!’. Sometimes you’re surprised by the other actor that you’re working with because you think you know how they’re gonna play a scene and when they do something else you can forget that and you’re like- ‘what Lena’s saying is actually pretty hurtful’ and I just thought, you know, she’s Supergirl, she should be fine but when Melissa played it, she was really affected by it and I felt really bad. But I remembered that Lena wasn’t supposed to feel that, so it’s a bit diffucult when you’re an actor to remember that acting isn’t real, when you’re working with other good actors they could make you forget that and Melissa is a very good actor. She does make you forget. […] That woman is extremely talented.” – Katie McGrath (x)

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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