ace discourse reminds me so much of that one snl sketch: a found poem



literally, nothing exclusionists do, and nothing you say to an exclusionist, will ever matter. nothing will ever get a response beyond “nuh uh!”

they’ll phrase it different ways every time: “aces are cishet. cishets are cishet. they just wanna be oppressed so bad. they’re literally not oppressed in any way. they don’t experience homophobia or transphobia. they benefit from homophobia and transphobia. they are lying. that never happened. 

“you can’t use their tumblr posts as proof. you can’t use studies about them as proof. you can’t use every real-life org including them as proof. you can’t use our community’s own oral history as proof. you can’t use our community’s own written historical documents as proof. 

“lmao i’m not a terf, i’m literally an nb lesbian. lmao i’m not quoting terf rhetoric, i’m literally an nb lesbian. lmao i’m not consistently attacking trans women inclusionists, i’m literally an nb lesbian. lmao our movement isn’t full of terfs, we literally called out a terf once. lmao how dare you show me a blocklist of hundreds of terf exclusionists to call out, I’m literally an nb lesbian.

“anyway the community literally started to combat homophobia and transphobia. anyway it’s always been lgbtpn. anyway it’s always been lgbt. anyway cishets aren’t lgbt.” 

some of the things that canonically Don’t Even Matter and are clearly Fake News: 

aces as a group experience 30% more harassment, 221% more sexual assault, 100% more intimate partner violence, and 277% more stalking than straight people.

aces are as likely to be suicidal as gay or bi people, and twice as likely as straight people

aces do, in fact, get sent to conversion therapy specifically for being ace. have to leave schools and jobs specifically for being ace. lose housing because they are ace. get rejected by their families for being ace. get sexually assaulted specifically for being ace, not for “being women” or “declining sex.” 

aces, as a group, consistently experience ALL types of sexual assault and abuse at higher rates than their gay and lesbian peers. only bisexuals consistently experience these things at a higher rate as a group, than aces.

trans people who are also asexual are 25% more likely to have attempted suicide than hetero trans people. (Gay, lesbian, OR bi trans people: 10% more likely than het trans people. LESS likely than ace trans people.) 

Ace trans people are also 50% more likely than het, gay, lesbian, OR bi trans people to have been homeless. And about 33% more likely to have been evicted for being trans. 

(Same study: A higher percentage of trans aces are harassed at work than of trans LGBQ people. A much higher percentage of trans aces have had to quit school because of harassment, than of trans LGBQ people. A higher percentage of trans aces have experienced family rejection, than of trans LGBQ people. A higher percentage of trans aces lack health insurance, than of trans LGBQ people.) 

“The first study that gave empirical data about asexuals was published in 1983 by Paula Nurius, concerning the relationship between sexual orientation and mental health.… Results showed that asexuals were more likely to have low self-esteem and more likely to be depressed than members of other sexual orientations”. 

In 2015, Russia took away the rights of asexual, binary trans people, and many groups of nonbinary trans people, to have driver’s licenses. Thanks to the fact that every diagnostic manual for mental illness in the world still considers “lack of sexual desire” to be a mental illness.

And an ace-inclusive Russian LGBTI+ youth site, the only one in that country, was shut down a few years ago thanks to a 2013 law against “propaganda causing minors to form non-traditional sexual predispositions.”

aces were being studied, as well as being trashed as not-actually-oppressed by the mainstream gay community, almost 50 years ago.

ace invisibility and its effects were already being written about in academia almost 20 years ago.

lesbian and gay publications were casually referencing asexuals almost 50 years ago

mainstream publications were casually referencing asexuals as part of the LGBT+ community 40+ years ago

lots of gen x bisexuals considered aces part of the bi community, before there was a strong separate ace community, because they experienced equal attraction across genders (even though it was an equal lack of attraction in their case) and thousands of aces on Tumblr have shared their present-day experiences (in the notes on this link) with initially thinking they must be bi for the same reason

exclusionists have consistently singled out trans converts to Judaism for personal harassment, and going so far as to doxx one and try to get the rabbi to not let them and their family convert

exclusionists consistently both suicide-bait and defend suicide-baiting

exclusionists have faked screenshots to claim that a (non-ace, non-aro, inclusionist) transfem sexual abuse survivor was boasting publicly about sexually abusing children

ace exclusionists have been lying about ace inclusionists and enabling real predators in the process since at least fall 2016 tbh

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