Movie Review: Rampage

Last weekend, I went and saw Ramage which turned out a lot more entertaining than I originally thought it would be.

“When three different animals become infected with a dangerous pathogen, a primatologist and a geneticist team up to stop them from destroying Chicago.”

There really aren’t any surprises in this movie. If you want to watch this movie, you’re probably going to see some mindless action and destruction of a city, and you absolutely won’t be disappointed. There is definitely a lot of violence, destruction, and action. Oddly, the plot is more feasible and plausible than I thought it would be and this movie might wind up pretty high on my list of favorite action movies because it skipped the annoying romantic subplot. In fact, Davis Okoye could easily be seen as asexual, given how absolutely disinterested he is in flirting or hooking up with other characters in the movie. While I doubt that Davis is actually asexual because that would imply that someone who makes movies would want to include that kind of diverse and specific representation, I do think it’s very easy for him to be asexual. I know it’s very unrealistic to use Davis as some sort of wish-fulfillment representation because we all know that actually asexual characters just don’t exist in movies but I really still just want to pretend.

Just let me have my fantasies, k?

I also really appreciated Dr. Kate Caldwell’s backstory and her as a character. She was clearly running late for a job and her excuse for why she wasn’t there yet amused me greatly, especially where she was distracted and said she was in her car and said that the car in front of her exploded. She was a competent scientist and also a decent human being who wanted to make the world a better place. I feel like she reacted very reasonably to everything that happened in this movie and that she did a good job of bringing at least the illusion of science into this movie. I also like seeing smart women of color on the screen with amazing intellectual backstories and capabilities.

Overall, I think I would rate this movie a high two or maybe even a very low three on my rating scale. I can’t really fault the movie for providing me exactly the entertainment I was looking for and the only reason I wouldn’t watch it more frequently is because of the very predictability which motivated me to go see it in the first place. Kind of a hypocritical statement, I know, but I am only human after all 🙂

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