space shit is cancelled until we solve homelessness and poverty

I mean, the military budget of the USA is around 824.6 billion. 

NASA’s budget is only 18-19 billion

It’s estimated that to end extreme poverty would take 175 billion dollars

Clearly, it’s space stuff that’s taking up all money that could otherwise go to help people. 

We can’t cut the space budget. We need it to launch the billionaires into the sun

At its peak, funding NASA returned 8 dollars to the economy for every dollar it was given and singlehandedly advanced technology by decades. The money doesn’t get launched into space: all the benefits stay here.


Fuck this “Cut science and art because poor people exist!” bullshit.  Make fucking rich people pay their damned taxes.  That *ALONE* solves the vast majority of the problems.  Make employers hire more people, not keep condensing job duties into more and more single positions (some of us are getting sick of doing the work of three people on barely the salary for one of them).  Demand pay rates increase so that EVERYONE with a job makes enough to support themselves.  Demand better health care, so that people don’t lose their homes and jobs because someone in their family got fucking cancer, or chronic illness, or severe injury.  

Science isn’t the problem.  The problem is capitalism and greed.

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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