Movie Review: The Incredibles 2

I was at something of loose ends yesterday so I went to see The Incredibles 2 last night after I went climbing and got some food.

“Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to care for Jack-Jack while Helen (Elastigirl) is out saving the world.”

I think this is another example of how trailers are not necessarily a positive thing because they show pretty much the entire plot, all the really funny scenes, and give you an anticipated conclusion to the movie before you actually see the movie. While the first trailers I saw made me extremely excited to see this movie and let me know that the movie was coming out and when, some of the best parts of the movie were in the trailers, which to me took some of the fun away from the movie itself. Another contributing factor to my movie-going experience were the two women in the row in front of mine who spent the entire movie on their cell phones, specifically on facebook, browsing celebrity crap the whole time. It makes me sad that people can’t unplug from their devices long enough to enjoy a really well-done movie.

As a note, this movie is absolutely not safe for those with epilepsy, as there are a lot of scenes with unpredictable strobes.

This review will contain spoilers so if you want to be surprised by the movie you might want to wait until you’ve seen it before reading the review itself.

This movie had a lot of really great positive things going for it and I really enjoyed it. Bob and Helen had a lot of relatable relationships issues and the movie touched the surface of daily sexism. At the beginning of the movie, Bob is clearly and woefully unsuited to parenting, as that has always been more of Helen’s responsibility. Bob is intent on doing well, however, so he does the extra work to be able to help Dash with his homework and repair the damage to Violet’s relationship. He realizes he’s in over his head in regards to Jack-Jack and asks for assistance from his friends, which gives him enough to start making a positive impact. One of the best parts about Bob’s parenting is that when Jack-Jack starts revealing powers, Bob doesn’t try to take away or deny the baby’s powers. Instead, the whole family chips in to work to help Jack-Jack control his own powers.

Between this movie and Ramage from several weekends ago, I feel like I’m seeing a lot more movies with rich siblings where it’s actually the sister who is the evil mastermind behind the entire world domination plot. While I did feel as though the Screenslaver was and interesting and unique villain, I also feel as though Elastigirl was well-portrayed by showing exactly how much foresight and intellectual labor goes into being a super hero. She didn’t just fight the villains, but used her brain to put together a lot of the little pieces of the villains’ plans. I feel a lot like we don’t often see anything other than people just fighting the villains in modern super hero stories so it was nice to have that kind of intellectual portion. Though, I did also feel that the Screenslaver had to be backed by someone who knew what was going on. In order for super heroes to be seen in a positive light, there has to be people for them to save and villains for them to fight.

Overall, this movie is easily a solid three on my rating scale. The movie was fun with great characters and a good storyline. I am highly likely to buy it when it comes out on video and will happily watch it again.

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