You want to know what annoys the hell out of me as a green lantern fan? This panel from losh in the 31st century (the comic that goes with the cartoon)

The reason why is this

Who is that? My best guess is Kyle Rayner, but then what happened to his stupid looking mask!?!? And also he is supposed to be half latino, so why does he look so white, why?

There’s two animated versions of Kyle so far:-

Superman animated with the most Hal Jordan looking Kyle in the universe

Justice League Unilimited animated is a step better with at least giving him black hair.

The Super man version of Kyle appeared in 1999, and the Justice league Unlimited cartoon in 2004. I suspect the original costume was based on John Stewart’s costume design at the time 

and I suspect that the slight design change was to make it in line with his “dog collar” outfit designed by Jim Lee, before Geoff Johns took over and did Rebirth bringing Hal Jordan back

The skin colour… Kyle sorta started out darker, but as time went on he got lighter- specially since the storylines focused on his Irish past rather than his Mexican one as Moira (Irish) was a big part of Kyle’s life. Not Aaron Rayner (his Mexican father). It’s only been recently that his Mexican side has come out at all with him becoming the white lantern. I’m not surprised? I wish they’d make him a little darker to differentiate him from Hal more cause honestly, people confuse them ALL the time. 

I think it’s a time saving thing in the cartoon. They seem to have two human skin tones. Dark and light, and it’s a real shame. 

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