🌹’s Romantic Ace YA Recs

Based on my own reading/experience, here are some books with asexual leads by asexual authors that you might want if you want a focus on both those things.

We Awaken 
An F/F interracial romance discusses asexual against the backdrop of lucid dreams and the loss of family. It was great to see two aces dating and what it means to each of them.  

Tash Hearts Tolstoy
I personally haven’t read this one but would have likely adored it when I was younger. Ace vlogger adapts Anna Kerenina goes viral and with her literary love, Tolstoy, in the back of her mind navigates her new IRL crush. 

Let’s Talk About Love
This book’s cover is made to look like an ace pride flag and to see a black girl as the protagonist and written by a debut black author is definitely a joy to see. Set in at college, this biromantic lead might appeal more to aces who things slightly more figured out.

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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