No but really. Deadpool 2 was dripping in queer culture. It’s not just the scenes between Wade and Colossus or Wade and Cable. It’s not just the inclusion of a wlw couple who are happy, healthy, and completely unsubjected to the male gaze.

It’s the real villains being conversion therapists weilding Christianity as a tool to abuse children. It’s the X-Men universe as a metaphor–sometimes for racism, sometimes for ableism, sometimes for other forms of oppression, but in this movie it’s specifically treated as metaphor for queerphobia.

It’s that fucking soundtrack. That soundtrack is queer culture as fuck. It’s every moment of macho hypermasculine competence porn and slow-mo action that would normally cater to the power fantasies of a straight cis male audience being undercut by a heartfelt pop ballad…or Enya. Or Dolly Parton. And ending up more dramatic, more cinematic, more awesome because of it.

It’s the most heartfelt moment in the film basically being Deadpool giving a real, sweet, kind It Gets Better speech to Russell. It’s the most sweetly romantic “het” scene in the film ending with Vanessa pointing out Wade’s obvious attraction to Colossus.

It’s poking fun at gritty grimdark storytelling, at macho storytelling, at lazy writing, at the superhero genre in general.

It’s the feeling you get when watching it that every single moment which could have been construed as pandering to a straight cis male audience’s desires was hunted down and subverted intentionally at every stage of this film’s creation.

Deadpool 2 is Queer Culture. Happy 20Gayteen kids. *throws confetti*

yes this, this is 100% accurate amen. 

*aggravated fistbump* This movie was not subtle and I for one am 100000% here for it.

Also the fact that the “It Gets Better” speech leaned towards “there’s bad people in the world, but there are more good ones that bad ones” and not the usual “There’s bad people in the world, get used to it” is queer culture

He’s obsessed with Cher. I mean, really!

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