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jensteed: steve-rogers: a true story This is ridiculously sweet and I’m gayer because of it, awww Source: steve-rogers

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Executive dysfunction life hack

naamahdarling: nintendogamergirlexe: acemindbreaker: ponetium: star-anise: roachpatrol: jumpingjacktrash: the-rain-monster: naamahdarling: lenyberry: star-anise: feathersmoons: star-anise: feathersmoons: star-anise: lemonsharks: star-anise: Instead of telling yourself, “I should get up,” or “I should do this,” Ask yourself, “When will I get up?” or “When will I be ready to … Continue reading

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lgbtqia-aesthetics: Asexual nighttime aesthetic for anon Source: lgbtqa-aesthetics

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liberalsarecool: This is disgraceful to our military and to the country. White Nationalists are disgusting. This is embarrassing. Also, where are the husbands? Women and same-sex partnered men serve, too. Source: liberalsarecool

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aspecalpacas: Queerplatonic relationships are wonderful and you deserve to have the vocabulary to describe your relationships how you want to. 💛

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jumpingjacktrash: emerald-of-the-eight: Rain in the backyard, you can see the fog come in which is super cool! so restful

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ruinedchildhood: ruinedchildhood: vinebox: allinhishands: pocmarvelworks: in-the-night-kitchen: drarryluvr4evr: spongebobsquarepants: spongebobsquarepants: Good morning tumblr, Who are we cancelling today?? Victoria Secret  Read More: https://www.vogue.com/article/rihanna-savage-fenty-lingerie-campaign-body-positivity I literally just signed up on the website and bras go higher than DDD and undies go up to … Continue reading

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melodioussuggestions: If you’re just barely holding yourself together and you’re delicate right now, that’s okay. Great job on keeping yourself together, and keep going. Things will get brighter.

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iirememberthinking: Dear whoever is reading this: I wish you a life full of warmth and happiness and love. I hope you’re okay. And if you aren’t now, you will be.

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slutscumngo: bellaxiao: this is important 🙌🏽 Always reboot

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