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sad-uzumaki: we didn’t have these what dimension is this from Source: posthumanwanderings

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biggest-gaudiest-patronuses: sauntering-vaguely-downwards: roboticsappreciationsociety: did-you-kno: ‘The Writer,’ 1 of 3 surviving automata from the 18th century, is a programmable boy that uses quill and ink to write any 40 letters of custom text. This 240-year-old automaton uses all 6,000 of its … Continue reading

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contranym-xendo: fluffmugger: srsfunny: More Beautiful After Being Broken What this trite imagery misses out on is the fact that kintsukuroi requires a lot of work to repair a piece like that.  It takes a lot of time, a lot of … Continue reading

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naseilen-art: naseilen-art: I’m so tired of art thieves. Especially if copy of my art appears on official merch from the biggest Polish convention. You know what is even worse? Someone probably took money for this… This is fucking unbelivable! Update! … Continue reading

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