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adamtots: Spring has sprung, babyyyyyy Source: adamtots

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gaycloak: dragontatoes: rizaoftheowls: katana-wielding-bookworm: I want Terry Crews and Vin Diesel to do a buddy cop movie where they are both secret nerds but they don’t want the other to know. Like Vin Diesel plays D & D on weekends … Continue reading

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allthecanadianpolitics: A website attempting to outline the boundaries of Indigenous ancestral territories in North America, and the world over, could become a valuable educational resource, says its self-described “settler” web developer. Vancouver-based web freelancer Victor Temprano says his interactive mapping … Continue reading

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politicalprof: Always assume Trump will make things worse and you’ll never be disappointed … Memorial Day is for those who are not with us today. It is to remember those who came before and honor their sacrifice and feel the … Continue reading

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danglelikedatsyuk: why do rich people need more money? honestly, has anyone actually ever asked them? every interview with a muli-millionaire or billionaire is always the same bullshit ego stroking questions like“so whats the secret to success? how did you overcome … Continue reading

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syntacked: “I dream of you in colors that don’t exist.” — Unknown

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wanderlustforbooks: I was at work today creating some graphics and got in the mood to make an infographic but I decided to do it on the life of a bookaholic! It was just a fun personal project. 🙂 Source: wanderlustforbooks

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cincosechzehn: wombatking: prokopetz: yomommaboyfriend: just-shower-thoughts: If Goldilocks tried three beds, then Momma Bear and Daddy Bear slept separately. Baby Bear is probably the only thing keeping the family together. You ain’t have to put those people business out like that. … Continue reading

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sixpenceee: The Loretto Chapel spiral staircase. The story goes that the nun’s needed a staircase and prayed to St. Joseph, patron saint of Carpenter’s, when a mysterious man came and offered to help construct a staircase over the next couple … Continue reading

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lunarprinc3: demigirldemigoddess: pitbullmabari: catwinchester: catwinchester: iamhisgloriouspurpose: writernotwaiting: anastasiaoftheironwood: writernotwaiting: sweetheart-sona: invaderxan: bigbardafree: not-safe-for-earth: lavandulum: i’ve stopped trash talking comic sans after learning the font is actually one of the only dyslexia-friendly fonts that come standard with most computers and i … Continue reading

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