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cwote: Be patient. You got this :)) Source: cwote

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the-sealandic-todd-howard: hachama: thescienceofjohnlock: laurenlovecraft-ffxiv: memewhore: zofrph: ellirph: gendersurrender: gendersurrender: “You don’t have to say thank you, it’s their job.” YOU ARE LITERALLY THE WORST PERSON Why would you teach your child to be rude and ungrateful. Literally why. Fun fact: … Continue reading

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miscreant-side-puffs: fandomshatepeopleofcolor: This is important!!! Also you can go through the thread for more info about this !! Pass this on Source: fandomshatepeopleofcolor

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Cryin gover Ciara’s tweets

kendrasaunders: For anyone who missed it, here’s Ciara’s thread: She also followed it up with these VERY INTERESTING replies: 10000 eyeball emojis 

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brianabreeze: laketaj24: ask-frostiron: Person: Your writing is so good! Me: Facts😂 Mood😂

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bloodytales: Rule says women must wear heels. No flats. Kristen Stewart takes off her heels in front of all the cameras and walks barefoot. The only way to kill sexist rules is to openly disobey them. Source: bloodytales

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biobugluv: zolariel: Just a quick thing I put together. This blew my fucking MIND when my anatomy teacher pointed it out. My drawings instantly got better. You might know it (good for you, I wish I knew it before too … Continue reading

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